Share TunesMake and Win a Free TunesMake License!

TunesMake Software offers a Free License Campaign to let customers win a free lifetime license and enjoy music easier.  It is a win-win promotion for both customers and TunesMake.

All customers have the chance to get a free and lifetime license in this promotion. You just need to review and share the TunesMake programs you like on your blog, websites, social account, and more. And then you can contact our customer service to confirm it for you and get the free license from TunesMake.

Below are the ways to show you how to get a free license from TunesMake:

Way 1. Write a Full Product Review and Post on Blogs/Sites

If you are a blogger or website owner, and your website and personal blog rank 150K or more on Alexa, then you can write a full and original product review about TunesMake Software and publish it. Please note that the article should be more than 600 words and need to include at least one do-follow link of the TunesMake product page or homepage. When published, then please send the URL of the article to us via email and we will check it. Once approved, we will send a free license of the product to you as soon as possible.

Way 2. Create and Publish a Video Review on YouTube Channel

The second way is for YouTubers. If your YouTube channel has more than 300 subscribers, then you can create a video to review the TunesMake product and upload it on your YouTube channel. Please make a video with over 90 seconds and the video description should contain a link to the TunesMake website. Once uploaded, please send the video link to us. When we get your video link, we will provide you a free license code.

Way 3. Post and Share TunesMake on Social Media

For people who don’t have a website or YouTube account, then you can write and share a review of TunesMake product on your social platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and so on. To win a free license from TunesMake, please make sure your social account has over 1,000 followers. While posting, you need to review over 100 words with links and pictures of the TunesMake product. When done, please screenshot the review to us and we will soon send you the free license.

Above are the top 3 ways to win a free license from TunesMake. If you have any good idea, please feel free to contact us: [email protected]