How to Play Amazon Music on Galaxy Watch

By Oliver Williams

Updated on September 30, 2021

Smartwatches can be simple but they can do extremely more. Apart from telling time, they can run apps, track potential health conditions, run apps, and play music. Samsung Galaxy knows it best! It is compatible with various operating system devices like iOS and Android phones. It is even available for streaming Spotify music. That prompts us to ask whether you can get Amazon Music on Galaxy Watch. Well, that possibility is not yet on Amazon Music.

But all hope is not lost as this watch comes with enormous space for storage. You can sync downloaded songs and listen to them offline while jogging on the runway or out swimming. However, Amazon Music encrypts its files, making it impossible to directly get them on a Galaxy Watch. You, first, need a converter tool to remove the file restriction to playable output formats. The next topic will take care of that!

amazon music on galaxy watch

Part 1. How to Play Amazon Music on Galaxy Watch – Tool Required

Remember, once your Amazon Music Unlimited subscription gets canceled, all your music downloads disappear automatically from your devices. But there is a way to take full control of your Amazon Music playlist playback. The answer lies with TunesMake Amazon Music Converter. It encompasses advanced technology that will download and convert your Amazon Music to plain audio output formats like M4B, WAV, AAC, MP3, FLAC, etc.

It also has an in-built ID3 tags editor that will keep song information such as the title, year, artist, album, among others in Amazon Music downloads. And when it comes to speed, it works fast at a 5X rate to download Amazon Music songs in batches. More so, you can customize the output parameters and set them as lossless by adjusting the sample rate, bitrate, and channel, manually.

tunesmake amazon music converter

TunesMake Amazon Music Converter for Galaxy Watch

How to Listen to Amazon Music on Galaxy Watch

Follow these steps to get Amazon Music on the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Step 1  Launch Amazon Music Converter and sign in to your Amazon account 

install tunesmake amazon music converter for galaxy watch

Download TunesMake Amazon Music Converter on your computer, install and launch it. Immediately, the built-in Amazon Music Player will open up in the main interface. Hit on the “Sign-In” button and then log in to your Amazon account and extract Amazon Music.

Step 2 Customize Amazon Music output settings for Galaxy Watch

choose formats of amazon music on galaxy watch

TunesMake Amazon Music Converter for Galaxy Watch lets you personalize your song’s output settings. To do that, go to the “Menu” bar and click on the “three-lines” dots at the top. Then click on the “Preferences” and choose the “Advanced” option then hit the “Settings” window option. You can now start to change the output parameter and other settings like the sample rate, channel, and bit rate for Galaxy Watch.

Step 3 Add Amazon Music to play on Samsung Galaxy Watch

get amazon music to tunesmake for galaxy watch

Begin to add your favorite Amazon tracks from the Amazon Music Library. Next, click on the “+” icon to add the selected music from Amazon to the Converter interface. The icon will eventually turn from gray to orange. Click on it and get your selected tracks moved to a new window.

Step 4 Download Amazon Music to Galaxy Watch-compatible files

convert amazon music to play on galaxy watch

Finally, confirm that the output settings and parameters are correct then click on the “Convert” button. Your music will be downloaded and converted to the earlier set parameters. Locate the converted music in the “Converted” folder and sync them to Galaxy Watch for playback.

Part 2. How to Play Amazon Music on Galaxy Watch via Galaxy Wearable App

The Galaxy Wearable app is designed for Android users. You can use the app to sync Amazon Music to Galaxy Watch. First, connect your watch to your phone then follow these steps.

amazon music to galaxy watch by galaxy wearable app

Step 1. Open the Galaxy Wearable app, go to the “Home tab” and click on the “Add Contents” option to your watch.

Step 2. Then select the Amazon Music songs you want to convert. Just click on the “Add tracks” tab.

Step 3. Next, tick the songs you have selected then tap the “Done” option. The Amazon Music songs will be added to your Galaxy Watch.

Step 4. Finally, open the Music app on your Galaxy Watch and keep yourself busy, playing your tracks.

Part 3. How to Sync Amazon Music to Galaxy Watch via Gear Music Manager

For iPhone users, the “Gear Music Manager App” is all you need to add Amazon Music to Galaxy Watch.

amazon music to galaxy via gear music manager

Step 1. First, connect your computer and watch to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 2. Then turn on your watch and launch the Music app then press the “phone” icon.

Step 3. Your watch will now be set as the music source. Next, go ahead to the “Now Playing” screen.

Step 4. Tap the “Music Manager” at the bottom of the library then hit the “Start” option.

Step 5. Launch a web browser on your computer then key in the “IP address” that is shown on your watch.

Step 6. Once you have confirmed the connection, select the “Add new tracks” option in the web browser. Then choose the converted local Amazon Music files to add.

Step 7. Select the “Open” option and your Amazon Music files will start to add to your Galaxy Watch.

Step 8. Click the “OK” tab on the web page and then tap the “Disconnect” tab on your watch. Finally, you can now use Amazon Music on Galaxy Watch freely.

Part 4. Conclusion

Whether you are a sports fan or just out jogging to keep your body fit, you have a way out to control Amazon Music from a Samsung watch. TunesMake Amazon Music Converter works efficiently to convert Amazon Music to numerous output formats that are playable offline. The steps are also as easy as 1-2-3. Enjoy Amazon Music on the run!

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