How to Download Amazon Music to MP3 Player

By Oliver Williams

Updated on October 29, 2021

An MP3 player gives you more advantage when compared to other forms of music storage devices like CDs and Flashdrives. It can hold numerous albums and podcasts due to its bigger storage capacity. Also, it is easy to transport, making it a good option if you are out exercising or on some long trip. You don’t need a stable surface but can be hooked anywhere. And when it comes to transferring your files, it’s a walk in the park. But can you download Amazon Music to MP3 player? Talking of music transfer, most MP3 players don’t incorporate streaming apps. You must get the actual music files and move them to your MP3 Player for listening.

Again, some streaming apps like Amazon Music don’t authorize the direct transfer of files to other devices and players. The music is limited and would need to undergo a conversion process to make them playable offline. Fortunately, in this post, we’ll share a feasible way to help you download songs from Amazon Music to MP3 first, then you can transfer Amazon Music to an MP3 player for playing.

amazon music to mp3 player

Part 1. What Services Do Amazon Music Offer?

You might be wondering why Amazon Music is preferred by many music lovers. Amazon Music, as a popular music streaming service, does provide four tiers for music listening. If you choose Amazon Music Unlimited, you can access an endless number of tracks, up to 70 million songs, playlists, and stations. Amazon Music is free with the inclusion of top playlists and stations. For Amazon Prime Music, you get your music free if you already have an Amazon Prime membership. But this only lasts as long as your membership is active and you stand to lose all your downloaded songs when your membership expires or is canceled.

Part 2. Way to Download Amazon Music to MP3 Player

When your Amazon Music membership subscription expires or is canceled, you lose all your downloaded playlists and podcasts. This is quite a drawback if you had invested so much in a rich music collection. It is for such calamities that make you opt for ways to have your downloaded music permanent for offline listening.

The best way is to get a reliable Amazon Music downloader. TunesMake Amazon Music Converter will ease those goosebumps and bring some comfort. It is an all-around Amazon Music converter that gets your Amazon songs quickly converted to an MP3 format to facilitate playing on MP3 Player. The speed can go up to a 5× rate, supporting batch conversion.

More so, you won’t be limited with freedom playing of your music. TunesMake will download Amazon Prime Music to an MP3 player for permanent access. It takes note of the quality of your converted files. Also, it can retain the ID3 tags and metadata information for lossless output.

tunesmake amazon music converter

Main Features of TunesMake Amazon Music Converter

  • Convert Amazon music to MP3, FLAC, WAV, and more
  • Personalize output options like bitrate and sample rate
  • Keep all ID3 tags and metadata from original songs
  • Offer super-fast 5X rate speed with batch conversion

Part 3. How to Transfer Music from Amazon to MP3 Player

TunesMake Amazon Music Converter is a dedicated tool specially designed to download Amazon Prime Music and all Amazon Music to MP3 format without audio quality loss. Here are the steps to get your converted Amazon Music.

Step 1 Sign into your Amazon Music account on TunesMake

After downloading and installing TunesMake Amazon Music Converter on your computer, launch it. You will immediately notice a built-in Amazon Music Web Player in the interface. Hit on the Sign In tab and log in to your Amazon account.

log in tunesmake amazon music converter

Step 2 Customize the output settings for MP3 player

You can change the output format and settings to your preferred options. Just click the three lines at the menu bar and click on the Preferences tab. Then click the Advanced tab and start to change settings from the settings window. You can set the sample rate, bit rate, format, and channel.

set amazon music format to mp3

Step 3 Add Amazon Music for downloading to MP3 player

To add Amazon Music to the converter, identify the track, album, or playlist you want to add and click the + icon. The icon will turn to color orange from gray to show it is now active and then add your liked music to the conversion list.

add amazon playlists for mp3 player

Step 4 Download Amazon Prime Music to MP3

Go to the bottom of the converter and hit the Convert button to let TunesMake download and convert your Amazon Music to the computer. Once the process completes, click the Converted folder to locate the converted Amazon Music, ready for streaming on MP3 Player.

download amazon music to mp3 player

Step 5 Transfer converted Amazon Music to any MP3 player

Now you have learned in a simple way how to download music from Amazon to an MP3 player. The process is finally over and it is time to start playing your converted Amazon Music on your player.

1) Plug the MP3 Player into your computer and wait for the computer to recognize it.

2) Then, right-click the converted Amazon Music folder and hit the Send to option to MP3 Player. You can also drag and drop the converted Amazon Music files to the MP3 player icon directly.

3) Once the process is completed, safely eject the MP3 Player from your computer and begin to play the music on the player.

Part 4. Conclusion

Amazon Music gives you all the reasons to stream it offline, especially on those portable players. You get the freedom to easily move around even when on a running or jogging spree. MP3 players are lightweight while they can harbor hundreds of albums. So, when you think of the good ventures of MP3 Players and you wish to transfer music from Amazon Prime to an MP3 player, TunesMake will make it possible for you. The steps are easy and the process is painless. You get the original quality of your Amazon files in just a few steps.

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