How to Transfer Music from Amazon to Windows Media Player

By Oliver Williams

Updated on October 28, 2021

If you already have a library of MP3s or other audio files on your computer, transferring them to your Windows Media Player is a piece of cake. However, with the development of music streaming services, you may easily access thousands of songs online but cannot download them to play on separate media players. Fortunately, here’s how to get music from Amazon to MP3 player for people who wish to download Amazon Music to Windows Media Player. Stick around, and I’ll show you how to go about it.

Part 1. What is Window Media Player

Windows Media Player is a popular media player and library manager that come standard with Microsoft PCs. It can play several types of digital media files. It also includes organizational features for quickly organizing your music and movies by category or purpose. Furthermore, it has the most basic media sharing function. Users may use it to broadcast their media files to other DLNA-compliant devices on other networks.

Part 2. How to Add Amazon Purchased Songs to an MP3 Player

Amazon Music is an online music store that allows you to purchase your favorite songs or albums and download them to your computer to save locally. When you buy music from Amazon, they are downloaded as MP3 files. Then, using Windows Media Device, you may transfer them to your MP3 player. Here’s how to add Amazon purchased music to your MP3 player.

Using a web browser, download purchased music.

1) Go to the Amazon Music website and sign in to your Amazon account.

2) Choose the albums or songs you wish to download, and then click the Download button.

3) If you are requested to install the app, click No Thanks, download music files directly.

4) Select Save if your browser prompts you to open or save one or more files.

5) Drag and drop each of the music songs you have downloaded into Windows Media Player, then into your MP3 player.

Part 3. How to Convert Amazon Music to MP3 with TunesMake

Amazon Music, in addition to digital sales, also serves as a streaming music platform. You may get two types of music streaming services from Amazon: Prime Music and Music Unlimited. You may access Amazon streaming services if you have an Amazon Prime account or a music Unlimited membership.

Users, however, cannot get ownership of a license to use files through the music streaming service, as opposed to its digital music store. As a result, if you wish to download music from Amazon Prime to an MP3 device, you won’t be able to do so. You may download and convert Amazon Prime Music to MP3 with TunesMake Amazon Music Converter.

You may use this converter to not only convert music from Prime Music or Music Unlimited but also to maintain them in uncompressed audio quality while keeping their ID3 tags. After converting the audio files, you may freely access them and transfer Amazon Music tracks to any player for listening like iTunes.

tunesmake music converter

Key Features of TunesMake Amazon Music Converter

  • Support output formats of Amazon Music to MP3, FLAC, WAV, M4B, AAC, M4A
  • Customize the output parameters of Amazon Music like sample rate and bitrate
  • Convert Amazon Music at a high speed of 5× and work well for batch conversion
  • Download music tracks from Amazon Prime Music, Music Unlimited, HD Music

3.1 Download Amazon Music to Windows Media Player-Supported Format

Now we will show you how to download music from amazon to windows media player as below.

Step 1: Set Output Format and Parameters

Start by launching TunesMake Amazon Music Converter, and you will be prompted to log into your Amazon account. Then, by selecting Preferences > Advanced from the Menu bar, you may customize a variety of audio parameters. You may configure the output audio format to be MP3 or another file based on your needs. In this option, you may change the audio channel, bit rate, sample rate, and other settings to improve audio quality.

Step 2: Add Amazon Music to the Conversion List.

Navigate to Amazon Song, select the music you wish to download, and exit the settings box. Open an album or playlist and begin browsing for songs you wish to download. Then, on the right side, click the yellow Add button, and the application will quickly list all music in the Add window. Tick the box next to the track you wish to save to your MP3 player.

Step 3: Start to Convert Amazon Music to MP3.

When you’re finished, click the Convert button to convert and download music from Amazon Music. Wait a few moments, and you will get access to all converted Amazon Music tracks. By selecting the Converted icon at the top of the converter, you can find all of your music in the local folder on your computer. Click the Search button again to browse the folder.

Part 4. How to Import Amazon Music to Windows Media Player

add music to window media player

Follow these steps to import Amazon tracks to Windows Media Player.

Step 1. Open Windows Media Player to the main screen.

Step 2. From the menu, click Organize > Manage Libraries > Music.

Step 3. Click Add, which will open a window where you may browse the Amazon Music files you just converted. It might take a few moments.

Take Away

If you are unable to transfer music from Amazon Windows Media Player, you might utilize TunesMake Amazon Music Converter. It allows you to convert and download Amazon Music to Windows Media Player. When you buy music from Amazon, you may instantly sync them to your MP3 device.

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